For Investors  

Trust Deed Investing

Build your Real Estate Note Portfolio  

Don’t settle for investments that tie up your capital without offering significant returns.

Partner with us to invest in low leveraged investment real estate and earn consistent income with high-profit margins. Discover the amazing opportunities that participating in private lending can offer investors.


Recurring Income

Trust deed investments  can generate consistent monthly income for our investors.

Diversify Risk

Decrease your correlation to the Stock market, through real estate assets.


Track investment activity, progress and returns in our investor portal.

World-Class Service

A people-first approach to working with clients and investors.


All investments secured by Real Estate collateral, vetted and confirmed

High-Yield Returns

Consistent, 8-12% APY for most investments.

A few benefits we provide our partners  

Our platform offers investor partners direct access to carefully curated investment opportunities, secured by real estate. High-Yield Trust Deeds provides flexible investment terms, that can accommodate the needs of almost any kind of investor.


Trust Deed Investing

Investment Options  

Private Lender
Partner Program  

A direct placement structure were you are listed as the lender, you will provide the capital neccassary to fund the entire loan amount, and a loan servicing company will handle the payments.


Distressed Note
Investor Program  

This option grants private debt investors access to carefully curated discounted non-performing mortgage notes direct from institutions. Chosose between Residential pools or single-asset commerical properties.

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