Collateral Loans


Private Collateral Loan

Our flagship loan product is a private collateral loan that offers great flexibility by allowing you to use your investment property as collateral. This means you can secure a loan by pledging your property asset as security. The loan amount you receive will depend on the value of your investment property. However, we understand that not all funding needs are limited to real estate ventures. That’s why our collateral loans are not only designed for real estate investors but also cater to small business owners looking for expansion opportunities. We believe in providing you with the financial support you need, whether it’s for real estate or small business ventures.


Key Features

Loan size: $25,000 - Up
No tax return requirements
Used for Business Expansion, Acquisition or Start-up
Use for defaulted bank loan or delinquent property taxes
100% financing available based on Collateral
No pre-payment penalties
No Appraisal required
Fast Funding within 7 days
No minimum FICO required
Rates starting at 10.99%
Collateral Loans

Ensuring a Secure
Lending Opportunity

When people and businesses are faced with severe financial challenges from a highly bureaucratic lending environment and hear the word “no” from institutional lenders, borrowers turn to a growing number of private funding sources for help. Those banks and hard money lenders often fail to consider the borrower’s complete financial situation and neglect to consider what the borrower may have to offer (collateral) to ensure a secured lending opportunity. This under served lending niche represents the majority of real estate investors and small business owners. However, when looking at collateral, one might also consider automobiles, boats, or other business assets such as inventory and accounts receivable (proceeds from sales), etc.

*  Business purpose loan only. These loans cannot be used as personal consumer loans. Borrowers cannot use personal home property as collateral. Only available in MD, DC, VA, NC, TN or GA

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